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Why do I want people to put stuff into a database and pay me for it?

Seriously, what is wrong with me. Is there any real value in writing some data access code on top of a SQLite database and asking for money? I don’t think there is... Which that might explain why most web apps are free and ad supported from scale only. Google, facebook, instagram is included here, it’s not html but it’s the same principle, some dude wrote some code and asked people to store their pictures on his server and their data in his database and then slapped ads on on top of their pictures years later.

It’s a weird world

I have contributed to how weird it is, I’m not innocent in this. I’ve made my fair share of useless websites on top of databases, I even ramped up this year, of course, I made them and then months or even days later had no use for them. Which is probably a bad idea. Why would I make something that even I don’t use? That’s not good. There’s plenty of reasons why my year went from $0 side projects to $0 side projects, in fact I lost money with servers, I currently have two servers for my side projects, one that’s $10/mo and one that’s $5/mo and I’m actively losing money on them.

Shut it all down

So yes, now that I’m thinking clearly and have gone through this “maker” process, making a bunch of 💩 that no one uses, it’s time to shut it all down and save myself some money. It’s easier to make money investing than it is to make money by selling web software, there’s no doubt. Am I going to quit making web apps? No. I love it too much! But I am going to stop taking other people’s advice and just going to make things that I want. Starting with continuing streaking.app and my next few projects which I’m pretty excited about.

Looking to the future

Writing code is like negatively affecting my life in the real world. It’s almost taking value away from things I would be doing otherwise, so unless it’s something I use every day, there’s no point to write that software. Here are the things I use every day:

  • streaking
  • twitter
  • git
  • github
  • 1password
  • messages
  • hacker news
  • atom + extensions
  • youtube (not every day, but almost)
  • maps
  • nest

That’s pretty much it. I don’t use a lot of software, and that’s good! There’s only so much time I can devote in a given day to it, since it negatively affects things I should and could be doing instead. I’m going to attempt to replace those things with something better, it’s worth it to be in control of the things I use every day, starting with 1password. I’m an old grumpy programmer and I hate the cloud. So I’m going to make an open source password manager for old grumpy programmers who hate the cloud.