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What Jesus and the Web Have in Common

There's been a lot of innovation over the past 20 years in regards to the web, we went from the last bastions of dial up internet on desktops and clunky laptops to pocket sized supercomputers that connect wirelessly to towers far away and the speed is often so fast now that it's almost faster than your wifi.

Along with these smartphones, people thought to themselves, this new medium needs a different kind of software, no more hyperlinked documents inside of a browser, we want native apps, blazing fast speeds run locally on our devices!

Unfortunately, what we got in the long run was bloated app sizes (sometimes popular apps reach 200 MB in download size), forgotten iTunes and Google Play passwords so we always seem to be running old versions because our LTE plans are not as unlimited as we thought they were.

After all the waves of innovation had washed up all of the conceivable apps on the shores of regret, one thing hasn't changed, the web is still here, and even though you may have forsaken it, it has not forsaken you. The web and Jesus have that in common. As a web developer and web proponent, I urge you to reconsider your sinful ways and come back to the light (and lite) web. Us web developers will be waiting for you to get tired of bloated apps.