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This is why we’re all influencers now

Do you remember the days before instagram, when it was ok to use facebook, twitter or youtube just for fun? It was ok to just upload things for kicks and not “monetize” everything? I’m sad to say that those days are long gone. By 2030 if you don’t have a decent following, you may be ostracized from society altogether, or at the very least unable to make any money.

Uber has shown the way

When uber hit its stride, the remarkable thing about it wasn’t what it had, it’s what it didn’t have: it didn’t employ any of the drivers and it didn’t own any of the cabs. This is our future, no more full time employees messing around on facebook during office hours, everyone is works on a contract basis, and how do you get a contract over someone else? You get noticed through your social following.

Mind on my money, money on my mind

You can blame it on capitalism or “greed” if you want, but the reality is that people want to make money, especially if they’re doing what feels like work. And daily vlogging, or blogging, or even just using software feels like work. No one really wants to do it, so they might as well get paid to do it. Of course this willingness to turn our online lives into money making machines is a large part of the problem of our future work lives. People think that working monday through friday 9-5 isn’t really required for knowledge work, so they’re going to give that up and work on/off 24/7 instead. If you take this line of thinking to it’s logical conclusion, there won’t be any full time jobs anymore, everyone will be a part time contractor and those with the most attention will get the bulk of the work. Everything will be on demand and everything will the 100% efficient. The market always seeks efficiency.