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The post launch blues

👨‍💻Project All Your Passwords

📈 Sales 7

🤑Revenue 18.60

🏁Today's goal Add clickable links in the name/url field

I'm back on streaking, as broken as it is. It's much easier not to have to increment the "streak" count myself like I was doing on dev.to.

So what's next? Well, I already made a few improvements to the all your passwords, my offline-only, swift, open source password manager, you can see that here:


One thing that kind of sucks, but maybe not is that I have two ways to download the thing, there are 7 people who currently use the devmate version (i.e. direct download not through the mac app store) and there are currently zero people using the mac app store version.

In my mind I want people to use the app store version, but if no one signs up, I'll have to abandon it and use devmate 100% instead. It's weird that people would rather download through paddle instead of the official channels, but there it is.

I'm willing to keep both running in the two different branches side by side (master = mac app store), (nomas = devmate) and cherry-picking the commits that are common between the two, it's just kind of a pain.

I just realized that you can pay your way through paddle (i.e. paypal, etc.) I also just realized that I won't be able to take any money out of paddle until I reach $100. Something to strive for I guess.

1:31 PM So let's see progress today, added clickable links to the app, check it

Looking good!

Alright, I think that's it for today, tomorrow?

Add auto updates through devmate so I don't have to keep emailing new versions to the 7 people who downloaded the .app