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The best way to make a living on the internet as a web developer

Get a full-time remote job or remote freelance work as a web developer OOPS I meant software engineer. Full stop. There's really nothing else to say, but I'll go ahead and say some more things.

Indie Hackers / Makers

First of all, being an indie hacker or a maker which I hope is a meme that will die soon, the tweeting and the emojis are killing me slowly, is incredibly difficult, so difficult that it's hard to even know where near the bottom of ways to make money on the internet to rank it. It might actually be the least effective way to make money on the internet for the majority of people. I mean sure, your odds are higher than a VC funded startup, thanks to product hunt effectively disrupting ycombinator's demo day and having it done every single day, but your odds are much, much lower than applying for quite a few jobs, most of which are probably VC funded, shout out to my tech bros at sequoia! I'm kidding I do know that people of all genders (like how I said all, not both, that's progressive everyone) work at sequoia and I don't know anyone that works there, I've never even been down sand hill road, I'm an indie hacker 100%.

Elance / Fiverr / Whatever

These platforms are horrible. This is market efficiency taken to a new, ridiculous level. You thought being an uber driver was competitive? You ain't seen nothing yet. Design logos for $5/piece. Make a whole website for $1. Rock bottom prices and you know the quality is super high. Compete and bid yourself to new lows from anywhere in the world, any time against anyone in that same world! Incredible. The idea that any web dev would do this to themselves is crazy, but people are doing it, I don't know why, but they are. What would happen if you cut out of the middle man and just went and talked to people looking for websites to be built? I wonder how far higher you could negotiate your rate instead of $0.01/hour?


Now this is what I'm talking about. Negotiate rates, find clients and pay for your own healthcare, it's like the digital version of a "doomsday prepper", or the digital equivalent of a libertarian on intellectual steroids (instead of Ayn Rand books). This really is still the best way to make money as a web dev OOPS software engineer on the internet. No open source maintenance (unless it gets you clients), no product hunt launches (unless it brings in those clients), no shipping on twitter and live streaming 24 hour startups (unless it br...) you see what I'm saying. But even with the hit and miss, sort of feast and famine nature of it, it is competitive, but still great work and you can bring up your skills and get paid a living wage, which is what this post is all about. Hey, I'm looking for freelance work wink.

Full time remote software engineer

The king of living wages, healthcare and sanity. No clients here, just one or eight boss(es). It is remarkably better than all of the other options, even though at times you may need to work a little harder to get things done on that salary and not get paid overtime for it. GASP, hard work for a living wage! Say it ain't so. Compared to the alternatives it's a little slice of heaven and any complaining about working from home should go directly to this blog where no one will hear it.