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Niches make riches... right?

Let's find a good niche for streaking's codebase. I'm talking total rebrand, new domain, same code haha. “Writers” isn’t a good niche. It’s way too general, which might be one reason why there’s no G-R-O-W-T-H. It might also be because it still sucks and no one wants it. But let’s put aside sucking and wanting and focus instead on rebranding and my favorite word: pivoting!

The worst niche exploration ever

I made streaking for myself, but who am I? I like to blog, I like to program, specifically in clojure. So, is that enough of a niche? NO! I also like to blog daily and I want to blog about tutorials for coast on clojure! Is that enough of a niche? I don’t know, maybe it’s too much. If I take a step back and say, look around at twitter, this 100daysofcode thing is interesting. I do write code every day, not for an hour a day, but I do do this and have been doing this for a long, long time. Probably too much, but I think streaking could work for this, might give it a shot.

What would make a great 100daysof platform?

Streaks, clearly. No I'm kidding, but assuming you're coding in your own editor, either paste the code in or git push it up to a repo just for codeonehundred.app? Then maybe tweet it out after it's up? I have no idea, the daily blogs are getting to me. Maybe instead of all of that, cater to true beginners and offer an editor like codemirror + parinfer just for clojure and have a github-like markdown editor/preview tab, too for docs and other things, similar to eve, auto-save, and great syntax highlighting for the finished code, and it’s daily because of the streaks, obviously.