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I’ve used 1password every day for 5 years, here’s what I’ve learned

1password was great, I recommended it to everyone for years, until this year, the year they decided to take away the one time cost of $99 and replace it with something more expensive and “sustainable” for the business (not the customer): $2.99/mo -> $4.99/mo. If i had paid the monthly subscription for the past 5 years instead of the one time price of $99, I would have paid $36 * 5 that’s $180 almost double what I initially paid upfront. Subscriptions are expensive.

The software itself

It’s not bad, it’s a little annoying to use the syncing feature without the cloud stuff, which is what I originally bought the thing for, but other than that, the app is straightforward to use on the phone and the mac. One thing that is visually annoying with the default settings is that dumb lock screen that slides open every time you either type you master password in or use touch ID to unlock. Could definitely do without that. For an app that is effectively the combination of touchID, SQLite and an encrypted column of passwords, it doesn’t have that much going for it, especially now with the hard cloud sell.

It turns out I hate the cloud

And subscriptions, I despise subscriptions. It seems like a great idea but over time they really add up. It’s also really easy to forget what subscriptions you have and how much they’re draining you cumulatively. I don’t know about you, but I have much less money than I have time on this earth, and I’d much rather pay an upfront fee for each new version with new features than pay a subscription and get upgraded even though I may not want the upgrade. I also hate the cloud, it’s horrible, why would sync my passwords (or anything for that matter) over a computer that can be compromised or run any code that I can’t see when bluetooth LE or the LAN will do just fine? It’s craziness.

At the end of the day, 1password wasn’t right for me, but I’ll keep looking for that perfect password manager. In fact tune in tomorrow for when I post about lastpass!