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I'm going to write a new blog post every day

TL;DR I made a new kind of blogging platform: streaking

The origin story

A few weeks ago it dawned on me that I was wasting my time making websites that no one uses, not even me. I might make a website, and then not even use it after it's done. So I looked deep into my soul over the month of November, and I came to the conclusion one night while falling asleep that quite a few more people read my blog posts than use my websites. Then it struck me, since I actually enjoy making websites (but only with clojure) in my free time, and I enjoy blogging, I should do it more often. In fact I should just quit making websites and just blog.

The light bulb 💡

That epiphany led me to my next epiphany, wait, medium kind of blows, they throw pop ups in your face, it's a 💩 ton of js just to render a blog post, I should make my own blog, heck I should just make a new medium-like that keeps track of my daily blog posts. EUREKA ✨ I'll make a platform that's a combination of wip's streaks and medium's blog posting, I'll set the words at 200 words a day and when you write a blog post, you get a streak, just like WIP! Ill call it streaking or maybe that's too clever, maybe I should just call it 200words or something. I went back and forth on the domain registration, but I finally settled on streaking.app. I started working on it, right away, that initial new idea rush washed over me. 

It got weird

After a few days of working on it, life hit as it usually does. My in-laws were moving across states and they had quite a bit of stuff to move, so that was almost a week-long situation, between that my family and work, I barely had enough energy to send up a fricken' tweet. So I had to put it on hold for a little while and I came back to it around thanksgiving, of course, just my dumb luck, someone else on the other side of planet (I don't know where this person is) came up with the exact same idea 😬 and it started getting interest and users right away. It kind of took the wind out of my sails a bit, I even tweeted out some salty stuff that I usually don't because I was just so awestruck that this even happened. 

Keep moving forward

At this point, I have a decision to make, do I just call it quits or actually finish what I started, which… this year is the year I got A LOT better at finishing what I started. Plus I've watched Meet the Robinsons close to 100 times, so I'm ready to keep moving forward. That is exactly what I do, I keep coding, and I get it to the point where it's usable and I write my first post on streaking, it felt good. It felt great! Today is the day I unleashed it on an cruel, uncaring and unsuspecting world. It's not quite finished yet. Heck, you can't even upload a profile photo and the streak tracking doesn't work which is the main point of the app, ITS IN THE NAME. But, I did it, it's functional, it's working, and it has one user: me. That's all it might ever be, and that's ok, I've come to terms with making websites that no one else has found useful. What I haven't come to terms with is making a website that even I don't find useful. That's what this is really about, I did soul searching 👻 on this one, this is from my soul. I wanted to make a site that I would use every day, and that is what I did.