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How to Acheive Maker Enlightment

There’s quite a bit of advice out there about finding a niche or making things for yourself or whatever. Most of the advice is BS and no one should be giving it or receiving it. At the same time though, there may be some truth to it too.

I don’t know if niches make riches. I think quite a few people want the same stuff just packaged differently. Let’s take something near and dear to my heart, blogging. There are quite a few blogging platforms, and even after the first days of the internet, people are still blogging. So it’s not really a niche at all, it’s just blogging. You could have a platform focused on mom bloggers or indie hacker bloggers, or whatever, but I think that actually works against you. When the first huge social sites took off it was because people wanted a place to say and do anything online. They didn’t want to be pigeon-holed in a community that’s just for X.

Which brings me to this idea that finding a niche and building something for yourself is the same exact thing. You are unique enough that the thing you want is already niche, even if that thing has been done to death already. Life isn’t programming, it’s not all abstractions and DRY, it’s messy, it’s choices, it’s alternatives, it’s beautiful.