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Everything has been done to death

Beating a dead horse is an understatement. At this point we've beaten the horse's body so bad, it's practically turned to dust. It's at the same time a sad sight, but also a liberating one. When I realized that everything had been done to death, my first reaction was, why do anything at all if it's already been done before? Why not just sit back, relax and watch netflix until my eyes bleed? I think there's something I can take away from a relatively new sport: rock climbing.

Conquering the useless

Why do anything at all? Why do I write software even though it's been done before. There's tons of web frameworks, why make another one? There's tons of blogging platforms, does the world need another one of those? The answer to all of those questions, similar to any question asked in the title of every blog post is N-O. No, the world doesn't need anything at this point, people really only need food, water and shelter and it definitely doesn't have to be as nice as the places we're living in now. So why do I do it? Because I love making stuff, that's why I do it. Why does a rock climber climb mountains, clearly no one is getting any value out of it except for the climber themselves, maybe they're getting some adrenaline or maybe they're just psyched to see a mountain as a goal and they want to complete that goal. You could say programmers and rock climbers have that in common, we love to conquer the useless.

It's about choices

If someone has already done something, why would anyone do the same thing? At least in terms of software or any product really, because choices! I want choices! My first reaction when I see only one of something is to say where are the alternatives? If I see a piece of software with only a few alternatives, you better believe I'm going to throw my hat in the ring and make one. That's just who I am, a maker through and through (even though the maker meme on twitter needs to die). I love writing software just for the pure thrill of it, for really no other reason. It's definitely holding me back when it comes to writing software profitably but hey, I need a hobby right? The more choices from the more things we have, the better. Everyone making their own spin on stuff is great! I don't care if markets get saturated or not, more is always better, until it's not.

When is enough, enough?

This answer should be clear by now, there is no enough. If we all collectively gave up on making things better and different, we would be stuck in time with the wheel or the printing press or something. Keep going! Make your dent in the universe. Keep making things! Even if no one wants them, it doesn't even matter. Making things for the sake of making them, just like those climbers climb things for the sake of climbing, keep moving forward.