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Day 2: Making a swift macOS password manager for people who hate the cloud

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My goal for today is to create a schema! Got ahead of myself yesterday and started to get hung up on how bad xcode and cocoa are. Here’s the schema:


  • id (int)
  • email (text)
  • username (text)
  • url (text)
  • name (text)
  • key (uuid)

Alright, so here's me changing my color scheme back to light based on rhymes's comment on the last article

After a while I realized that CoreData isn't for me. So I decided to bring in some third party libs stephencelis/SQLite.swift and evgenyneu/keychain-swift to help me finish before Jan 31st 2020. Here's what I accomplished today in a nutshell:

  • Tried to mess with CoreData for 10 minutes!! Decided it was a no go.
  • Searched for SQLite integration with Swift directly using the SQLite3 lib, again… not really for me.
  • Found SQLite.swift, felt productive after failing with CoreData
  • Realized that trying to encrypt text in swift with scrypt is also the wrong thing to do and used the keychain instead with keychain-swift
  • Finally productive, created the login table in sqlite and was amazed at how easy it was after using a bunch of other people's code
  • Still on my productivity, switched from Storyboard initializing the view controller to checking the keychain for the master password in appDidFinishLaunching like this:
    let storyboard = NSStoryboard(name: NSStoryboard.Name("Main"), bundle: Bundle.main)
            let window = storyboard.instantiateController(withIdentifier: "WindowController") as! NSWindowController
            let keychain = KeychainSwift()
            let masterPassword : String? = keychain.get("MasterPassword")
            if masterPassword == nil {
                let viewController = storyboard.instantiateController(withIdentifier: "SetMasterPasswordViewController") as! NSViewController
                window.contentViewController = viewController
            } else {
                let viewController = storyboard.instantiateController(withIdentifier: "UnlockViewController") as! NSViewController
                window.contentViewController = viewController

Look at all that duplication and those hard coded strings GASP. That's what it takes for me to ship apps in a total of ~24 hours / month folks. I also got the actual setting of the master password working as well, I'm into bonus territory for the day!

    @IBAction func setMasterPasswordButtonClicked(_ sender: NSButton) {
        if masterPasswordTextField.stringValue.count > 12 {
            let kc = KeychainSwift()
            kc.set(masterPasswordTextField.stringValue, forKey: "MasterPassword")

Look at all of those curly braces, it looks like line noise compared to clojure. Alright, I'm looking forward to day 3, I bet with my new found reliance on other people's free code that they wrote (bug free, I'm sure) I can really start cooking with storing usernames, emails and passwords for different sites/apps!