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Day 1: Making a native macOS password manager for people who hate the cloud

I'm making a native macOS password manager for old grumpy people who hate the cloud this month and I'm going to blog about my progress every day. Let's get started.

That's me


I should probably lay out the features and things because I'm a great planner and I'm really organized too? So that's good. Features:

  • one password to rule them all
  • swift + xcode + macos only, no js, no electron, no v8, no google, no chrome, no unnecessary battery drain-age, upvotes on hacker news
  • no clouds, no servers, all clients!
  • OPEN SOURCE because i love making things in my spare time for free!
  • $29 one time/lifetime through app store and on website because i love making things in my spare time for $$ and there's really no better way to give 1password the finger than to stop your subscription and give ME your hard earned cash instead!


  • ios app (in a month, what am I some kind of swift superhero? yeah right)
  • sync to ios over LAN or bluetooth in the background or on demand somehow? <— not sure if the bluetooth syncing is possible

What I did today

It's day one (just like at amazon!) everybody, so what have I done today?

  • I woke up, drank one cup of coffee, got the beans out for another grind
  • made a new project in Xcode
  • reviewed the new Apple developer terms of service or agreement or something on developer.apple.com

...and that's all I did today so far, it's 12:09 pm now, definitely making great progress. Cool, tune in tomorrow for more. No I'm kidding, let's keep going.

Making a screen with a text field

Now that I've actually opened Xcode and started a new swift... ahem Cocoa project, there's nothing quite like a blank canvas for which to hack and paint on or something. Alright, first step, create a super ugly screen with one textfield representing the single password:

allyourpasswords v0

Of course now that I've done this it makes no sense, because I have to set up a password first and store it in sqlite. It's great being me. I just spent most of my time today trying to get a password field to have larger text, this is the thing Apple makes difficult... great. No wonder people use electron.

Tune in tomorrow, same Sean time, same Sean place for getting the setup page working!