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All Your Passwords

Why did I make yet another password manager? Does the world need another one? I don't know if the world needed another one, but I did. I loved and used 1password everyday for the last 4 years, but then suddenly, they switched to a subscription model. I get that you can still buy the whole thing for $65 but it's really hard to find that out on the website and even harder to tell other people to drop $65 on something that isn't open source, can and will sync your passwords to their cloud and really what is happening with your passwords anyway? I'm taking their word for it that my passwords are safe and sound!

This was insane of me to do now that I think about it.

So I did what anyone with severe NIH syndrome would do, I made my own. And it is glorious, open source, 100% swift works in regular mode or dark mode on macOS mojave 10.14. It really is a beautiful thing.

Well you ask, how can I know that you're not sending my passwords off anywhere? I'll tell you how, the source is open here it is https://github.com/swlkr/allyourpasswords. There's nowhere for my code to hide. Not to mention the .app has been notarized by apple so when you open it you won't get a warning saying this .app was made by a P.O.S. dev that doesn't care about your security. I do care about your security!

If you're using any non-open source password manager I think you should switch to all your passwords. I could care less about turning a profit, I could also care less about you. That's right I don't give two 💩 about you or your passwords. They stay safe on your hard drive, you can back them up, you can do whatever you want!

The app is essentially a wrapper around an encrypted sqlite db with the encryption key set as your master password, which I do not know. The only time the app connects to the internet is to fetch favicons for the websites you enter and unfortunately some devmate and paddle stuff, unless you go through the app store in which case there is none of that!

There's literally nothing else to this app and it is amazing.

Your password manager should be

  1. Easy to use
  2. Open source
  3. Offline by default

And that's exactly what all your passwords is. Either clone the repo, compile and install it yourself or fork over the $5 to me and let me not care about you or your passwords. Privacy and security for your passwords at last.