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Alisha's 12 startups in 12 months

I wrote up my experience trying to launch 12 startups in 12 months each month of the year in 2018 and I didn't really have a great time doing it. Lots of failure. In 2019 I decided not to do it again, until my wife got wind of my scheme and decided she would just take over with the planning and encourage me not to give up, 2019 might just be my year, you never know. So, in 2019 I actually have a game plan and a list of 12 startups ahead of time. These are all startups that I wouldn't normally care to make, (except that first one) but my wife had some pretty good ideas and I will be shipping these, ugly or not. Here's the very raw list in no particular order

  • open source password manager for people who hate the cloud
  • old instagram
  • product sale alert app
  • dog reddit app (dog owner social network, breed specific), Q/A, Funny videos
  • better tripadvisor
  • educational app for pre-kindergarten kids
  • camp gear brand sale alert app (backcountry, rei, bass pro shop, patagonia, campsaver...)
  • food journal (to detect celiac/lactose intolerance/migraines)
  • info about hiking places that need permits/lottery, alert when the deadline is approaching and show when the lottery/permit day, and how much money
  • info about each plant and agricultural zone, and when the best time to plant when to harvest, pests, etc
  • info about each city in each state and filter by climate, schools, job opportunities, affordability, population
  • interior design q/a site but email questions, tweet questions whatever questions and then it’s like a blog format, like someone wants white cabinets but they don’t know where to go from there as as an example

If they look ambitious, that's because they are. Don't worry I'll be paring them back so that I can get them finished in about ~24 hours every month, which is probably all the time I'll have to work on them in a given month. It's like my own personal 24 hour startup! #makers πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨ (am I doing this maker thing right?)

The difference this time around

The real difference is that I'm focusing on the product hunt launch, similar to my only product hunt launch last year, I'm also going to be switching gears and not necessarily making everything a website, honestly the less coding the better. Plus I really enjoy coding with clojure and I get stuck sometimes trying to improve my web framework coast when I really need to focus on shipping. Shipping is easier when I dislike the language I'm coding in or doing no coding at all. Here's a concrete example of how I plan on shipping the password manager for example:

  1. It's a native macOS app, which means swift (no clojure)
  2. The goal is to store the passwords encrypted in a SQLite database (open source libs, less coding)
  3. Try to spend as much time as possible polishing the UI, only features are list view, detail view and filter list by email or tag where tags are names and/or urls
  4. Use a landing page generator or something like carrd (again, no coding)
  5. Charge $29 / lifetime

So that's the plan for something like the password manager, "old instagram", and a few others on the list. When it comes to coding, if I can stay away from clojure or at least not get caught up improving coast while I'm trying to ship these things, I should be good. The other "info" ideas are clearly spreadsheets that I share on twitter super early in the process and try to get people to edit them with me, after which I import to sqlite and throw up a list/grid view page and a details page with filters on the list view. 2019 will be the year that I set sails on the high seas of finish my dang projects and finally learn to S.H.I.P.